Advice on solutions/actions required to rising trend of domestic and youth violence


A few Muslim communities in a western country are facing a rising trend in domestic and youth violence. These are communities with immigrants & recent converts. Indeed there is no single or instant solution. I will greatly appreciate if the shaykhs can advise on a few possible actions and solutions that community as a whole or respective people in authority can pursue as prevention strategies.


wa `alaykum salam,

Unfortunately this is not a problem unique to Muslims living in Western countries or even Muslims. Domestic violence affects all races and ethnicities. Fortunately, many Muslim organizations have joined awareness campaigns with other faith groups to educate their community about the warning signs of DV, to provide counseling, and where necessary legal intervention to protect the victims. Depending on which country you are referring to, we suggest you seek out these coalitions to find helpful resources. As for youth violence, it depends on what kind of violence you are referring to. If it is violence against family members, then the DV groups would be most appropriate, but if its gang related, then you would need to seek out alternative intervention programs. In general, it would be a good idea to get involved in broader faith coalitions to address these problems so Muslims are seen as active and willing participants in developing solutions. If you don’t find such coalitions in your area, consider creating one!

Dr. Aziz Hussein

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