Awkward situation with my wife


So I performed Nikah with my wife, and after she arrived in US, everything was fine in the beginning and then everything started falling apart. She would quarrel over little things, and would create scenes. Long story short, misunderstanding developed between us and she left the house.¬†Shortly after leaving, she killed my unborn baby (She was pregnant when she left) and now, she is at her mom’s home.

I perform istikhara and pray to Allah to solve this problem for me. What else I can do to ask Allah SWT to do, whats best for me? Either let her go or bring her back? I am in a very confused state. I need some powerful wazifa/dua to ask Allah to decide this for me.


Look at this Ramadan as potentially the last one of your life, make it the best one and make amends with Allah Most High. Ask Him to repair the broken parts in your spiritual state and your life. When He sees your sincerity through this month then expect a solution after Eid in sha Allah.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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