I have problems to find a spouse


I’m Naqshbandi mujadadi. I have problem at home. My parents don’t wish to find a spouse for me. I’m 32 years old man now. They give always excuses like you should be married in family. It is not good for you to be married out side family because of my past marriage. But i disagree with them and i don’t have candidate in my family. I’m not interested to be married in my family. I want to find a woman who have same interests as me and she should be outsider. I don’t want to marriage in my family. I’m not interested, but parents they always physical abuse me and insists on that. They are stubborn. It is like they mean other people out there in world are not Muslims or they are lesser Muslims than them. They think they know best. They don’t trust anybody outside. Isn’t it very strange? I will seek help from Sheik Nazim (r). I’m desperate and depressed.


Allah’s good pleasure is in the good pleasure of parents. That is Sunna and that is Tariqa, and going against that creates problems. Ask Allah¬†for strength to please parents and inshaa-Allah you will not be¬†disappointed.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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