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Assala o alaykum sir,

I want to marry a particular girl and she also wants to marry me. She said this by swearing on Quran and Allah SWT. Also, she gifted me a Quran and with the Quran in her hand she told me that she would never leave me. Now she tells me that she has no feelings for me. I approached her parents with mine for the marriage talk but she herself denied. I really want to marry this girl and I feel that she too wants to marry me but she is refusing because of her mother forcing on her. Please help me if there is any way I can work out my situation. I repent a lot for the haram relationship in which we were, and I ask allah swt to help me. I want to marry her. Please suggest me something like a wazifa or some dua to get her married to me.



Her swearing by the Qur’an is not accepted. It is clear that such a person has little good intent. It is recommended that you move on and ask Allah for someone better.

Abdul Shakur

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