Marriage problems early on


I was married for two and a half months to a man of my choice, my husband started to tell his parents small things we shared or arguments and after two and a half months he and his parents kicked me out. After three months separation he decided he wants to divorce me. I’m very distressed as I feel he just planned this all along. I’ve kept up with prayers and tried to reconcile but he doesn’t want to know. Islamically shariat didn’t warrant divorce but he us adamant for this. It’s hard for me to come to terms with how he changed so soon. Please offer guidance.


Two and a half months is still a period of honeymoon for newly-weds. No arguments or no sharing secret from the past. Pray salatul hajat 2 rakaat with niyat, asking guidance from Allah. If this man is for you, you will be together again or he may not be good for you. If so, then move on and always have patience, recite Salawat every day after prayer and Salawat Nuraniyyah 21 times daily. In sha Allah you will have a better marriage and better experience in the future.

Hajjah Faridah

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