Problem seeking marriage


Asalamalaikum Maulana Sahab,

I’m madly in love with a guy whose name is [private], mother’s name [private], my name is [private], and mother’s name [private]. He sent me a proposal three years back but my family didn’t accept him. Both¬† families had misunderstandings¬† at that time. Now its been 2 yrs after our break up. My paternal uncle and aunties went to his house and cleared up everything to which his parents gave positive response & agreed to it but again the next day said no. I’m really confused that every time things seems to get right but all of a sudden something wrong happens again. Ieally love him and praying salato Hajat everyday. Maulana Sahab please give me permission to do ruqya of Hazrat Daood, Alehis salam. I’m trying to become a better Muslim day by day because of him sorry for my lack of adab.



`Alaykum Salam,

You have permission but you should know that passion is not the protector of love but rather a destructive force. Trust in Allah and rely on Him, ask Him for the best here and hereafter.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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