Marriage with outsider?



There is a man that I love and wish to marry inshAllah. I have done istikhaara and have seen positive results. He is Saudi , I am from Afghanistan. I don’t know if his family would allow him to marry me. He says that Saudi’s in general don’t marry outside of their race. But I also learned that the Gov of Saudi Arabia doesnt allow interracial marriages. I dont know what to do. I was upset about his family not wanting the marriage but now his government? I feel discouraged, the Prophet married women from all sorts of races. So should I give up? A new law was passed in S.A that interracial marriages are allowed but the person has to be 30 years or older. I am only 22 and I dont want to wait until Im 30. But I dont want to forget about marrying him either.


Alaykum Salam,
If a groom’s parents or bride’s parents are against a marriage the son or daughter will not want to break their parents’s hearts. A hadith states “Approval from parents means approval from Allah” and the sign of permission in a project is ease and facility, not difficulty on top of difficulty. Make dua, give sadaqa, trust in Allah and have some patience. If the obstacles do not clear by Eid’s time it might be best to move on.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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