Married to a narcissist


11 years ago a divorced con artist presented me with a Qur’an. Naturally, I assumed her to be faithful and practicing Muslimah. After living with her, I found that she possesses all 3 signs of a hypocrite. Her public image is impeccable. She prays, fast but at the same time practice malicious hypocrisy and remains arrogant. I went to local imams, even psychiatrist to find a cure. One imam advised to play Sura Bakara- which I did at least 100 times including verse 10: “in their hearts is a disease…”. Psychiatrist diagnosed the mental illness: “Cluster B Personality Disorder” which includes Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Doctors indicated there is no cure. Authors say living with narcissist is “closest thing to Hell on earth”. I have 2 kids and feel trapped. The law here in US is lopsided. I have patiently waited taking a lot of psychological torment. Could you please help?


Surat al-Baqara is the best protector in sha Allah. Do not trust despairing assessments of unbelievers but have sabr and be sure of Divine support and reward.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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