Need help for the sake of Allah



Sir. since three years I had a relation with a guy and swear by Allah from my heart that I accept him as my husband. We didn’t get marrried yet…last one year he changed and is refusing to marry me. Sir, I don’t know how to convince him. Only Allah can help me because I cant get married to someone else, it’s impossible for me. If he doesn’t marry me then whole life I have to live alone. I have no choice left for me. Please suggest what I should recite, dua Dawud or something else? I’m doing 5 time namaz regularly since my childhood. Please tel me what should I do to make him agree to marry me? Please, help me for the sake of Allah.



Pray Salat Istikhara and make dua if he is a good man for you. Ask Allah for good tidings. Recite Ya Muqtadir 20 times after waking up. Salawat Jawharat al-Kamal 7 times a day or more. May Allah accept your niyat.

Hajjah Faridah

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