Older women


There are many older women now in the tariqa. From what I am seeing when an older brother comes to the shaykh he is directed to marry a younger sister, not an older sister, or one equal in age. Please can you advise on this? What should the older women do to get married?


An older brother is usually advised to marry someone his age or younger, but not radically younger from what I have observed over the years. True, it may be more difficult to find a suitable match for older brothers and sisters.

My advice would be to let your interest in a possible match be known to them directly, either through writing or other communication or through an intermediary. This way you can make up for the disadvantage of age through candor and simplicity and this was the way of the early Muslims.

When a basic agreement has been reached then you can approach Mawlana for approval.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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