Regarding my husband


Asalamalaikum warehmatullah,

I have previously been answered on eshaykh. My husband and I loved each other and waited before our parents agreed to our marriage. Yet my husband married another woman by deceiving but keeps both wives following his own law when it comes to his wives. After his second marriage which is slowly killing me everyday because the hurt and pain seems unbearable. He shows no compassion but fulfills the needs of food and shelter. There are times I just don’t want to continue with him. My heart aches and and my eyes weep so much but instead of him being nice he chooses to just be indifferent. Please pray for me and tell me what I should do. Should I live in a loveless marriage because I am worried about how I will take care of kids without him plus my parents will be deeply grieved?


Alaikumsalam Waramatullah Wabarakatu,

Dear Sister, No one knows one’s pain when the heart hurts. It is hard for a man to understand, and as for wormen they’re always demanding their rights. In Surat An Nissa ayat 129 Allah Most High exposed man’s incapacity to show true fairness. So accept these with patience even if you have been neglected. Allah is always with the patient servant, draw
close to Him and give your heart to Him. Be thankful to your husband for fulfilling the needs of food and shelter, show him love and respect even if you’re hurting inside. Put away your feeling and worries aside, never let it explode and don’t let the pain kill you, fight it, cure it
with reading Surah Ya Sin everday, pray salat Najat as often, Salawat
and doa. In sha Allah, good future ahead of you.

Hajjah Faridah

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