Separation after 2 years marriage


My wife and I have been separated for the last 7 weeks. I want to get back together with her but she is being very stubborn. She did make some mistakes and I also made huge mistakes because I used to argue with her and put her under pressure. Anyways now I want her to come back and start our life together again which she is not interested in or she has put her self in such situation that now getting out of it is not easy for her as she is too stubborn. Kindly I need some advice and some wazaifs . I am seriously not considering divorce and she i think is waiting for one year to get divorce. I want to share a dream that i saw her hugging me with no real emotions but she was happy to hug me and was wearing white.


Dream signifies her innocence and readiness to continue in this marriage
despite your lack of affection toward her. Love means for you to act big
and be forgiving and lenient even when she is wrong. Do not argue and do
not be angry. Read Ya Haleem ya Wadud x100 daily every morning.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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