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Aslaam alikum sheikh Nazim and sheikh Hisham.

I have been married more then 2 years know I have massive problem. My wife will not sleep with me and we haven’t had sexual intercourse yet she says she doesn’t have no sexual feelings and she can’t sleep with me coz she can’t sleep at night. I am getting very depress about this I think there might be bmgk done on her or something I still love her but I am getting to the point where I might divorce her which I don’t want to. Give me some dua to read plz I am daily reading ya wadud 100x also she doesn’t know what the problem is she wants help an asked me to ask you please help as shukriya.


`Alaykum Salam,

Peel two hard-boiled eggs. Write on the first one {was-sama’a banaynaha bi-aydin wa-inna la-musi`un} (51:47) and write on the second one {wal-arda farashnaha fa-ni`ma al-mahidun} (51:48). Eat the first one and let her eat the second one. Continue with your daily reading.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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