Wazifa for marriage to certain person



I know a guy I want to marry but he has stopped talking to me and is avoiding me because of his work. I know he wants to marry me but he puts he’s work first all the time and does not concentrate on getting married we r both on that stage where we should get married I’m 2_ he is 2_ . He also does not tell hes parents about me and hes mum is looking for a proposal for him. Please can you give me a wazifa or dua so he gets in touch with me and also tells he’s parents about me. Can you write the dua in English as I find it easier to read. Jazakallah


`Alaykum Salam,

Make wudu, pray 2 rakaats with all your heart. After salam make dua and ask Allah Most High to choose for you the best decision. Ask is this the right person for you? Ask Allah to make it happen if it is the right person. And ask Allah to remove him from your heart and mind if it is the wrong person. Repeat this salat and dua every day until you get a clear answer. Once you get a clear yes or no, do not ask for another sign but follow the first clear sign.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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