Is this marriage vaild?


Assalam !(1) I haveĀ  lots of shaitaani waswassa in namaz, regarding wearing Islamic clothes, practicing sunnah, etc . What can I do apart from reading a`ouzubillah … la hawla wala … and spitting thrice to my left? (2) I have done tajdeed-e-nikkah with a Muslim girl … two male Muslim witnesses and I gave her mehr accordingly but I myself said to her : In return of `amount of mehr`I’m doing nikkah with you. She said yes, I accept. Is the nikkah valid? I asked an `ulamah in Mauritius, and he said yes !!! I want my sheik Gibril Haddad to answer me please.


(1) Make your namaz brief
(2) Yes, it is valid.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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