My husband has abused our children


Dear respected Shaikhs,

I am in a very difficult situation and need some help. Me and my husband are now separated. My daughter has always displayed disturbing behaviour of a sexual nature since she was very little. She is now 5 and says her daddy touched her bottom. I also have a son who is 2 and a daughter who is 1. They have also displayed similar behaviour. I have confronted my husband about this but he denies he has done anything and has sworn on the Quraan. My family is aware of my concerns towards the children but they do not believe me and say I am imagining things.

Please can Mawlana Shaikh Nazim explain what is the truth regarding this matter as my family is pressuring me to reconcile with my husband but I will never be able to trust him to be alone with the children.

Kind Regards.


What you describe shows enough reason for distrust on your part, and
complete trust is needed for family life. The pressure should rather be
on your husband to set your heart at ease. Keep communication open, pray
istikhara and follow your heart.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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