Need help to adopt my two sisters


As Salamu Alaikum,

Mother is not interested in daughters. She is an old Victorian style materialist, Munafiq aggressive Wahabi sending school for free meals and benefits. Stubborn refusal upgrade house or successful life, neither cleaning nor bathing. No affection telling me ‘like your (separated) father’ blames me, passive…

I Suffered domestic violence, psychological, emotional abuse four people. I have years voluntary work, Muslim charity building Islamic specialist school. I am studying Uni Level 4 Montessori course…

Planning to move out suppressive Wahabi house, pursue resedense order, home school my sisters and avoid UK fitna. I would like to be teacher where they study – So work while they learn.

  1. Would like to build pro active and positive future.
  2. Need help regards dua or wazifa success case. Social services for sisters, police reports, have solicitor.

Please help clear this matter as intentions and actions positive.


`Alaykum Salam,

Try to find it in your heart to forgive your mother even if she wronged you, for your own sake and that of the household. In sha Allah your sadness will be changed to happiness. Trust in Allah and ask for goodness, He will support you if you but do your best with your mother.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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