Order Of Sheykh in contradicts wish of my mother



I asked that question to Mawlana : Should I continue my studies (I am in third year) in regard of the short time we have before the return of Mahdi (S) and because Law’s studies are rules of a system that will be destroyed in a few times, Insh’Allah. Isn’t it better for me to purified myself by praying and doing Zikr ?

He answered me : “leave…Be a carpenter !”

When i return in belgium, I told my mother the necessity for me to stop studies. My mother doesn’t practice islam a lot. She look at me like I am crazy.

It hurt me a lot, and I doesn’t find he right words to explain her about the truth of what is happening in the world. Allah (swt), doens’t like children to bother the parent but Mawlana told me to stop.

What Should I do ?

Thank you.


wa `alaykum salam,

We as murids of the most enlightened master on this earth, tend to look at everything in black and white,  forgetting others do not see the world this way. It is essential to use wisdom when communicating Mawlana’s teachings to those who don’t follow him.

When you get an answer from Mawlana that is for you, what you tell your mother can be something else and that is from the principal of keeping good relations and avoiding what causes conflict, except for the rights of Allah. We, and I am the first to admit this tendency, make everything a conflict with the Shaykh and the Tariqah. After that how can we expect our relatives and friends to be attracted to this Way? This in fact comes from ego, as if to tell them “Oh I am on the perfect way and you are not.”

So the key is to make our mothers, fathers, wives, brothers, sisters and so on happy and at the same time find a way to do as Mawlana said, in a gradual way, and without ever putting “blame” on the Shaykh or this Distinguished Way.

W ‘Allahu `alam,

Taher Siddiqui

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