Our single brother needs guidance


German converted brother having troubles inside himself about being a man and being with Allah. Struggles much with himself and desires marriage, partially for love, sunnah, fulfillment, development. He studies Arabic now, never worked much in life and doesn’t earn income except for government grant. Recently started working and taking up sports. Maybe a divorcee of that region interested in him and him in her. Should they marry? His learning takes a bit longer than average and no idea of big responsibility. Lives close to GrandShaykh. Please inspire him. Lives extremely simply and desires this too. Was even considering Shiasm. How can he be helped. He came here asking for advice. I directed him to Shaykh but he might not have been won yet on the baraka and power of our Shaykh. Allah grant him long life. Please help. We empathize deeply with him but don’t know how to help when we ourselves need it.


Let them marry as soon as possible. He is a convert, so that will be baraka for the lady who marries him.

Shaykh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani

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