Parents’ permission


Asalamo alaikom sayyidi,
Do forgive me for any lack of Adab, I have a question regarding permission of our parents on what we do, Is there any specific age up to in which children have to ask for parents’ permission in Islam (e.g. when leaving house, going abroad, going to dergah, seclusion, marrying girl, separating house after marriage) ? What If our parents stops us from going to Dergah, Mosque, or any Islamic events or if they allow us but they’re not happy with it? Is disobeying them in going to these places disrespectful ? Do children commit a sin doing so?

JazakAllah khairan


Alaykum Salam,
Always secure their permission (even if they remain displeased) for as
long as you live under their roof. The only important thing for which
you do not need to ask their permission is the fardu `ayn or personal
categorical obligation such as the Five Prayers and the Fast of Ramadan.
Pleasing your parents and serving them in kindness while they are still
in this life brings you more reward than what you mentioned.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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