Problem with parent


My father is unable to make a sound decision (jahil muraqab) but insists on making all the decisions for our family, which are harmful to us. I am approaching my late 30s now and no one is asking for me. He does not fast, does not pray, abuses us, visits magicians and burns their amulets at home. This results in a lot of arguments with him, whereupon, he raises his hands and prays to Allah to inflict punishment & illness on us. Consequently I am suffering from several illnesses. But we have remained obedient and stayed in our family home. MSH gave me several duas to read for this & for marriage, but to no effect. I have reached the limits of my patience now. Please can you advise me on how to protect myself against his bad duas, and ask Maulana to refer my problem to Rasulallah for a solution.


Make ghusl, pray 2 rak’as, sit and make muraqaba of your heart toward Rasulullah (s) and follow whatever advice comes to your heart.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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