Seeking advice re opening for marriage


I would like to request respected Sheikh Hisham to please answer this question.
I’m a female murid of Mawlana Sheikh Nazim. I know a brother who is also a murid of Mawlana.When I met Mawlana in Feb he asked me if I am married and when I said ”not yet” he gave me a tawiz and said ”you’ll marry soon”. At that time the brother’s image flashed in my mind. Should I tell the brother about what happened in my meeting with Mawlana or would I be pressurising him by doing this?
Mawlana has given me the permission to visit him again Alhamdullilah in a few days

Jazakallah Khair


wa `alaykum salam,

Perhaps Mawlana Shaykh Nazim has given you inspiration to pursue it. Since he has given you permission to visit that person, you may share this with him and see how things go. If marriage is the eventual objective, recite HasbunAllah wa Ni`ama ‘l-Wakeel 100 times and Istighfar 100 times.

Abdul Shakur

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