Separation : Right or Wrong


My children and I are now living with my mother. My husband can be very loving caring but is prone to alcohol abuse, bad temper and aggression over the 18 years of our marriage. He has treated me roughly and spoken abusive words to my children. He says I am to blame for breaking up our family and will have to answer for my deeds. My daughter will not speak with him anymore for this reason. My husband says I must deal with his behaviour as he is otherwise good, kind and loving. I want to rent a house for myself and children but this will anger/hurt him more. I have performed Istikhara and the next morning the agent told me this house is available for me and my children. Should I move and remain separated or move back to my husband n try to work it out


You have done the right thing. You can move back in after he demonstrates that his love and goodness are real by staying sober once and for all as nothing good can come out of haram.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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