Suspect Black Magic or Jinn


May Allah shower His blessings upon our beloved Shaykh Nazim (ra).
My brother who recently married a second woman who we confirmed from a buzurg is performing black magic on him so he can divorce his first wife. My brother has recently started wearing taweez and drinking some water which his second wife has gotten for him from somewhere and says that there is a Jinn on him and will take 41 days to cure. My brother came very close to divorcing his first wife as a result. Please pray for him and his first wife as they have 3 children, and that his second wife leaves him soon. Is there something I can give his first wife to recite or wear for protection from his rage and for barakah.

My brother’s name is [private]..His 2nd wife who is doing magic name is [private].
May Allah bless you all.


Let her wear Mawlana’s tawiz and recite the last three Suras of Qur’an 3x morning and evening.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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