Prayer Request: Urgent protection needed


Recently we received a disturbing call from my uncle [private] his wife is a convert (singh) [private]. He threatened us and he has been attacking my family with spells for a long time. we want justice done, we want protection and we want Allah to now destroy our enemy as we have suffered a lot from the Black Magic and other spells they have been doing on us. they are very jealous people and evil and dangerous. Please give me dua to read for them to stay away and so they cannot attack us


wa `alaykum salam,
For general protection from Jinn, refer to this posting: Prayer Request: Affected by Jinn. For general protection Sihr/black magic, refer to this posting: Prayer Request: remove black magic.

If you believe they are a physical threat to your family, then get a protection order from the police.

Abdul Shakur

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