Where in the world should we be MSN and MSH


We went to Cyprus to ask this question but didn’t, and got the answer that we could go to Italy or USA. MSN asked if we knew Italian mureeds . We have no ties in either place.
MSN also said Africa is better- that is where I´m from. He then said to work in Europe (where husband is from).
How could we better understand his guidance? Where should we make our hijrah to? There is a strong need to be with Sidiqeen– Allah is All-Wise. There might be such in one of the German countries (if we are to remain in Europe).

Syria, Morocco would also be more ideal/desired/traditional lands- but work and accommodation in city/rural area would not be easy to find, to help build up high capital to have a small farm/education eventually or enough funds to visit our parents or have a healthy lifestyle. With love.JazaakumuLaah.wRwB


Morocco and Syria are inexpensive, but wait for turbulence to end. If not, then Germany.

Shaykh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani

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