Hadith of Creation


Assalamoalaikum dear sheikh,

I bought your hadith forgery book in hardback. I just read in it that the hadith in Muslim about creation starting was claimed to be forged by some. But you refuted that claim.
It mention light being created after the trees. However we know that light is from the sun, which has existed before the Earth. We also know that trees cannot exist without light.
How would you reconcile the basic scientific knowledge? Or could light mean something like fire?
Your note saying that shajar can mean stars, also seems problematic since the stars existed before the Earth where as this interpretation would say that the earth existed before the stars.

JazakAllah khair for your time.


Alaykum salam

There is no objection to considering some of these creations a being listed non-sequentially. The original says “and” but not “then”.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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