Artificial Trees & Plants


As Salam Alaikum,

Is it permissible to purchase and display artificial trees and plants (large & small) inside the home? If permissible, please explain why it wouldn’t be considered as challenging Allah SWT in replicating his creations? Thank you!


Wa `alaykum salam,

If one is aspiring to create like Allah (swt) and if it is an action of the heart then it is a reflection of unbelief. Who acts with such intent regardless of whether he is making replicas of animals or of inanimate objects like trees and plants and displays them inside the home, he is doing something that Allah has forbidden. This is clarified by this hadith: “Allah says: ‘Who does a greater wrong than one who aspires to create as I create – a grain of corn, a seed, or a barley-corn?'” (Bukhari and Muslim)

Shaykh Senad Agic

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