Boxing in islam?


I am thinking to take up boxing as a profession, can you tell me the ruling of it in Islam?


Allah Almighty says:

And make not your own hands contribute to (your) destruction. (al-Baqarah 2:195)

And the Prophet (s.a.w.) said:

An individual should not harm others or be harmed by others in return (la dharar wa la dhirar)” (Mustadrak)

If somebody fights then he should avoid the face. (Bukhari)

In short, one needs to ensure the following for a Halal provision (in whichever profession):
– that no harm is meted out to others and unto himself
– that the sources of income are Halal
– that one has no contact, involvement or transaction with Haram products and services
– that one’s attire conforms to Shari’ah regulations at all times
– that one’s involvement does not make him negligent of his obligatory religious duties
– that the intention is to provide a Halal means of income and
provision for his family

Abdul Shakur

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