Woman traveling without mahram


Assalamu alaikum sheykh,

1) can a woman travel without mahram? (Short distance – shops, neighbor’ s home, Long distance – study abroad)

2) is it sinful for a woman to travel without mahram?

3) can a woman travel without mahram ,if her mahram know and permits?


As-Salamu ‘Alaikum,

It is permissible for a woman to travel without a mahram if she observes the following:

  1. She ensures that the roads towards her destination and on her return journey are safe and she does not meet with any serious harassment and chaos which can put her in danger.
  2. She has trustworthy companions throughout the journey.

Keep in mind that women were not allowed to travel without a mahram in the past because of safety issues. If she can fulfil the conditions that allow her to travel safely, the prohibition is lifted. Allah swt knows best.

Dr. Senad Agic, Imam
SABAH – Chicago
9920 Grand Ave
Franklin Park, IL 60131

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