Ethanol as preservative in vitamin supplements


I suffer from a genetic skin condition that causes my skin to develop blisters and wounds. Now I have begun taking a new vitamin C product to deliver vitamin c directly into cells of the body. This supplement is to increase the wound healing of wounds I have had on my neck and back for 21 years. I have just realised however that this supplement contains ethanol (grain alcohol). This is used as a preservative to prevent microbial growth in the sachets.

I have read that if for faith reasons you cannot take alcohol we can leave the sachet open for 30 minutes and it the preservative will evaporate. Please can you ask someone you know about this for me please? I am using this supplement purely for medical reasons to assist the healing of these painful recalcitrant wounds only, it does not intoxicate… Please kindly let me know if this is permissible or not as Muslims?

Jazak – Allah


First, ethanol is neither produced nor used for consumption because it is toxic, therefore it does not qualify as an alcoholic drink and is pure in itself; second, its use as a preservative means it is being used in trace amounts which are minute and are not dangerous to health, so in addition to being pure it is also halal to consume in this way. May Allah grant you shifa and blessing here and hereafter.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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