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I have a few questions on the tariqa.

1) First question I wanted to ask is there any legal proof that allows women mureeds to shake hands with the Shaykh.

2) And what would be our response to the following criticism of Shaykh Gibril: “Dr. Gibril F Haddad on “According to the Holy Prophet (S), Yazid is one of the 12 Imams…may Allah have mercy on him”

3) And what does this statement mean:

Everything must go, even your separate existence. First you will be without anything, then you will be nothing. Only those who are prepared to take such a step can be real Naqshbandi murids. As long as a drop is falling from the heavens, it may be called a drop. When it falls into the ocean, it is no longer a drop, it is the ocean.

4) I understand that swaying is permissible during dhikr but is there any legal proof or reports from early Muslims for jumping around and fainting during dhikr.


1) see Dr. Abdullah bin Bayya’s fatwa Shaking hands with a non-Mahram” where he says:

Perhaps, the questioner will state that, “By not shaking a woman’s hand it could lead to hardship or shared ill feelings and so forth?” If not shaking hands will lead to the actuality of those fears, then it is allowable to shake hands as long as there is no evil feelings or affection for the woman [and vice versa].

2) It is a misquote, so beware. As for the opinion, let them dispute with Qadi `Iyad and al-Hafizh ibn Hajar al-Haytami, as Shaykh Gibril is merely transmitting their opinions without comment.

3) It is an explanation of the verse: Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji`oon, {To Allah We belong, and unto Him is our return} (surat al-Baqara, 2: 156)

4)  regarding moving during Dhikr, See the Post “hadrah“.

As for fainting, if a man fainted due to uncontrollable intense emotion and `ishq towards his wife, could he be censored?

Finally, let me remind you “fitna is dormant, Allah cursed those who instigate it.”

Taher Siddiqui

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