Need to be Forgiven


I have commited a major sin in this holy month, (intercouse, or sex) and don’t know if I ever will be fogiven? Please can you tell me what I can do or a way to repent and inshallah gain forgiveness. I am deeply stressed and feel as though nothing can be done, and that life will never be the same. Please can you do duwah I be forgiven. I am willing to do anything for forgiveness.


As long the sun hasn’t risen from the West, the door of repentance is still open wide. Simply turn to Allah, in private. That is Tawbah. Take the obligatory bath, pray 2 raka`ats Sunnat at-Tawbah. Admit one’s guilt to Him, repent (with regret and remorse), and resolve never to repeat it again. Speak to no one of it and move on to do more good deeds to please the Lord.

A point to note, if you did it during the day time where you were required to fast, that day’s fasting becomes nullified. In this case each person must make up that day’s fasting and also make Kaffarah (expiation) by fasting 60 consecutive days thereafter with no breaks (if there are breaks within that period, the Law requires that you start again). If you are unable to do that, the last resort is to feed 60 Masakin (needy persons) each equivalent to the amount and quality of your daily meal. There is no make up or Kaffarah if it was committed between after Maghrib and before Fajr, but Tawbah, yes.

Abdul Shakur

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