plz help.Small whirling tornado next to me & hubby.


Small whirling tornado next to me & hubby. I said run from fear of Hazrat Soloman as. Woke up. We had sex n next day we had sudden fight for silly reason. Everything happened fast, he sed i giv u 3 talaq packed n left I’m in shock. Last Dec in anger (menses) he said it once n feb he said now it’s 2. Can we b together is it Sihr?


If this is the third time he pronounces divorce then the marriage is now terminated and you cannot be together. In addition he must repent from committing haram by giving talaq while you were in menses and from committing haram yet again by giving another talaq in a time of purity in which he had had relations with you. Sayyidina Sulayman represents wisdom and obedience to the Creator, only wrongdoers had reason to fear him, and the small tornadoes point to egocentric destructiveness.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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