The practice of ‘Haaziri’ (URGENT)



We would first like to offer our condolences to the eShaykh staff on the passing of our Sultan Q.S.

We are hoping if Sayyidi Sheikh Hisham or any of the scholars could shed some light on the practice of ‘Haaziri‘. The practice involves a ‘Sheikh’ using innocent children to communicate with spirits and possibly jinn, by reciting certain words and blindfolding the child, the sheikh will then ask the child to ask the spirits questions regarding black magic and personal family issues. The practice leaves the child sick and weak for a number of days. We ask only because this practice has creeped its way in to our Tariqa by certain individuals claiming to be representatives of Mawlana and it is causing a lot of distress and confusion in our communities. Please could you issue a ruling on this so people can avoid such practices, JazakAllah.


Alaykum Salam,

A person who does such a practice or asks for it is cursed as mentioned in the hadith “the kaba’ir (enormities) are five…” Beginning with shirk and including sihr. They have nothing to do with Mawlana or Tariqa or Islam but are returning to Jahiliyya. Take every means to stay away from them and keep them away from you.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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