Feeling unwell



Around last Oct/Nov I almost fainted. I went to the doctors and had tests, this went over a few months, everything came back fine, doc couldn’t understand. When with people I felt pressure, my head would feel fuzzy. It would build up till I felt like collapsing. This problem lasted for around 4-5 months, I avoided going out if I could. Now I feel completely better.

I thought it was magic, I had a dream around the time this happened, I was fighting a representative of Dajjal, he performed magic on me (appeared as red-mist), we cut him down then tried burning him but he wouldn’t burn.

A family friend (belongs to another tariqah) told my father that my spiritual rank had gone up and this was affecting me physically but that I would be okay. I feel better now. What is the likely cause in your opinion?


`Alaykum Salam,

Continue to seek qualified medical help if needed. Believer’s rank is always on the rise and sometimes we carry heavier tests, including physical, that remove sins. May Allah Most High support you and grant you strength as the strong believer is better and more helpful to others.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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