Memory loss


My Name is [private], I am 30 years old, from my childhood till now I have memory loss problem and always remain in fear although I do things very confidently. I want to do more studies for higher education/degrees but due to memory loss problem and always having fear (do not know what type of fear I always have but always in sad face) I do not. When I am used to go for performing something or some kind of work or take the step for that, something force to stop me and I feel my feet are getting jammed.
I am not married and asked my parents to search a beautiful and educated girl for me for marriage but this is also going very slow..
If there is any solution please let me know ?


Insha-Allah recite everyday “Ya Fattah” 100 times with the intention that
Allah grant you the opening of His openings. Also recite everyday “hasbunallah nI`mal wakil” 100 times that Allah sends you a good spouse too.

Dr. Hussein

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