Vaccine prohibited haram or halal?


It just come across in my mine and want to share to all and seeking confirmation from our beloved Shaykh across the world. This is about Vaccination. Is it HALAL OR HARAM??. There is research been done and it result more harmful then benefit. But Ministry of health make it compulsory. In one verses of Quran ” Laqad Khalaqnal ‘Insa Nafi ‘Ahsani Taqwim” mean Allah created Insan the best creation.

Why we should take vaccine for our baby and Jemmah want to perfom Hajj and Umrah also need to Vaccine Meningococcal Meningitis. What vaccine is made from? understand it made from dirty sources. May Allah give us Hidayah on this for our generation.


You will have to follow the authority in your country or the country you visit. There is risk and benefit with any medication or treatment. You may give sadaqa and recite “HasbunAllahu wa Niam al-Wakeel” before vaccination.

Dr. Karim

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