Feel pity on the animal bought for sacrifice


Assalam o alaikum Shaykh,

I feel pity on the animal bought for sacrifice on Eid ul adha. I don’t even like to watch the Qurbani being done, let alone do it myself. Although I love to eat non vegetarian food but I feel sad to eat the meat of the sacrificed animal. Shaykh I feel like that I am a monster when I eat the meat of the slaughtered animal whom I fed for the last five to six days. Shaykh I know all these are nothing but whispering of Shaytan. Shaykh please help me to come out of this. It is very hard on me to do Qurbani on Eid. we buy the animal then we love it and feed it for some days and then we slaughter the same animal. Shaykh please help me, what should I do.


Animals must be treated well and kindly, especially for Qurbani. There are rules and etiquettes for slaughtering. If you cannot bear to watch an animal being slaughtered, then best stay away. If you feel bad about eating meat, then you may abstain from it. But do not think yourself bad due to eating halal meat, for you may fall into Kufr Ni’mah (disbelief in the bounties of Allah).

Abdul Shakur

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