how to get a exact adress of treasure


assalamu aliakum brother i am a treasure hunter .. can u give me what wazifa/amal can i use to get the exact adress of hidden buried treasure … and remove the jinn there in treasure … i have many sites have a buried treasure but there have a jinn live.


wa alaykum salam,

The greatest treasures you already possess. They are:

  1. Allah (swt) – Reach Him through the five obligatory prayers.
  2. al-Quran – Reach Allah’s Word through its recitation and implementation.
  3. Sayyidina Muhammad (s) – Seek him out through the `amal of the Sunnah prayers, the Nawafil, Dhikrullah and Salawat and you will reach him insha-Allah.
  4. al-Islam – Reach it through learning its Shari`ah and practicing it.
  5. al-Akhira – Reach it through all of the above.

Aziz Hussein

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