Continually missing Isha Salat


I’ve been missing Isha prayer since childhood – It’s like the energy is drained or hands tied down when I plan to make wadu for Isha – the excuse has always been to sleep and get up before Fajr … I was once told this is an act of jin residing within, pls advise ————– Any other advice of an area I’m lacking in (spiritually) – My dream is to be a Naqshbandi saint someday inshAllah
thanks, JAk


Salam alaykum,

Treat this as a medical predicament. When you finish praying Maghrib, get up and pray `Isha immediately. You are allowed to join the two ahead of time when you fear or know you will miss the latter in its own time. If you are in a group and are shy, you do not have to pray it out loud but pray it as well as you can. When you see that you have energy to pray `Isha in its own time do so and if the predicament returns, revert to the initial method.

If you have not yet made up for all the prayers you missed, you will need to do so. Our advice is: Keep with the larger group (Jama`a) as much as possible and you will be protected and progress insha-Allah.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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