Praying in mosque


As salamu alaykum,
The prophet (saw) said: “Whoever lives near to the masjid and does not pray in it, his prayers are not valid.”

I live about 5 minutes from a Moroccan Masjid here in Belgium, but they pray some prayers too early. For example they pray Fajr an hour before the sun starts rising. They pray isha a half hour after the disappearance of the twilight. It just doesn’t seem right to me. They follow a prayer time calender which is not logical. During Ramadan their calendars said that between Isha and Suhr there was only 2 hours time.

Should I still pray in that mosque? The next mosque is too far away from where I live.



wa `alaykum salam,
You should still pray in that mosque. Try to understand why they follow the prayer time  calendar you mentioned.

Imam Senad Agic
American Islamic Center – Chicago
Majlis #1 Head Imam (IABNA)

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