Salat o salam


I need an assistance Shaykh. Which Salat I read to solve my problems and for day of judgment.


Assalamu alikum wa rahmatu Allahi wa barakatu:

All forms of prayer alleviate difficulties in dunya and akhira. The best forms of prayer and dhikr is the Qur’an and any supplication that is mentioned in there. These include kalimat al shahada: la ilaha illa Allah Muhammadun rasoolullah, invoking the names of Allah subhannuh wa ta’ala and most importantly salawat.

To invoke the names of Allah subhannuh wa ta’ala requires idhn (permission) from a shaykh because they bring heavy tajalliyyat from heavens. However, for Qur’an and salawat the permission is there to recite as much as one is able to.

Wa mina Allah al tawfeeq bi hurmat al habib bi hurmat al Fatiha. 

Ali Hussain

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