Takbeer during salat


Salam alaikum respected staff and our beloved Sheikh. A friend asked me as we follow the sunnah of our beloved pbuh, why do we not raise our hands to say takbeer before going into ruku or sajood. He also said it is in Bukhari Sharif that the Prophet pbuh, did this during his salat. Could you please clarify as to why it is seen more in Arab countries as opposed to others? And what are the reasons to why we don’t?


wa `alaykum salam,

It depends on which Madhhab one follows. For Shafi`i, it is Sunnah to raise the hands in Takbir before Ruku` and Sujud, as well as going into the third raka`at. For others like Hanafi, it is not. These happen everywhere, not just in Arab countries.

Abdul Shakur

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