Urgent: Sad fasting and Eid


Assalamu wa Alaykum!

I woke up thinking it was the second ‘Eid and drank juice from nothing but then I got a doubt, today is Eid here? And looked on the internet and saw that everyone is fasting until Tuesday. I was very sad about it, then I was sorry for my carelessness, because on Saturday when he was in the mosque had a group Tabligh saying that Eid would be on Monday. Monday from what I understand, then I would know, I made sure to continue my fast or have to reset it kaffarah doing? In my case I am very sad, because I do not know how I will feed 70 or even poor, and fasting for two months is very difficult for me, in my case it was carelessness, then I must atone or not?


wa `alaykum salam,

There is no harm in what you did due to your forgetfulness. If you had continued the day fasting as usual, it is still valid and you need not make it up.

Abdul Shakur Hadi

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