Assalamo alaikum,

When me and my wife have physical relations in bed at night the next day we change the bed-sheets however the blanket remains unchanged. The next night when I sleep on the bed with blanket I have feeling as if I am unclean as the blanket is not changed and maybe the impurity on mattress (foam) under the bed-sheet has made me unclean me. I offer Isha prayer and go to bed but due to this feeling I miss Fajr thinking I am unclean. Then I take shower in the morning. I never had this feeling before. Please advise ya Shaykh, as I am really disturbed and sad to miss Fajr prayer.


May Allah give our Shaykh a healthy and long life and increase his maqaam. Allahumma sallay ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala aali sayyidina Muhammad wasallim



There are two issues here:

1- Regarding the rule of semen. It depends on your school of Fiqh. Semen is (Najas) impure according to Hanafi and Maliki, but pure in Shafi’i and Hanbali. For the former two schools, you must wash the stain off your clothes or bedsheet, etc, but for the latter it suffices to scrape it off when dry, however recommended to wash them completely especially if the garment is also used for prayer.

2- Your own feelings. You need to make sure that the 3 physical signs are present to determine your next action: sight, smell and taste. Only when any of these are present, then act according to which school of Fiqh you are following.

And Amin to your du`a!

Abdul Shakur

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