Want to memorize Surah Yaseen


Salaam…from my childhood whenever i recite Surah Yaseen 1st my father died then I tried to memorize it but my mother died and I lost everyone I loved whenever I read it..now I have severe brain problem and arthritis…but i love this surah. what to do?


Salaam, Maulana Shaykh Nazim used to say that if a person cannot recite Surah Ya Sin, then at least recite, “salaamun qawlan min rabbir raheem“. He said the secret of the surah is in that ayat.¬†As for the other part of your story, Allah knows best, wa RasouluLlah, sallaLlahu `alayhi wa salaam. May Allahu ta’ala take away that problem.
Again, salaam.

Shaykh Abdul-Haqq Sazonoff

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