Prayer Request: Affair and black magic


ass.mualaikum, About 2 weeks ago I wrote a letter and asked if Mawlana can make a Du’a for me for the man that I love can be my husband. Then 5 days after, I received so many attacks. It’s like black magic from a girl that the man that I love had an affair or still, I’m not sure. This woman is part of some ‘spirit rituals comunity’,that often make rituals. Yesterday night when I sleep a man came who looks like ‘jin‘. He tried to hurt me and told me that he came because that woman told him to..please that Mawlana can help and protect me…


wa `alaykum salam,

We sent your request to Mawlana for protection, but it is better not to ask for a specific person to be your husband if that is not what Allah has destined for you. A better request is for Allah to send you the right husband, who will be with you dunya and akhira. Insha-Allah all Mawlana’s murids are protected from black magic. Recite everyday Ayat al-Kursi morning and evening and make sure to always wear your taweez.

Dr. Hussein

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