Prayer Request: Daughters discipline


Salaam Alaykum
I have a four year old daughter who is often so badly behaved. It is so difficult. Nothing I do seems to work and the other children suffer because of it and she seems to take up most of my energy. I feel at a loss as when I think she is getting better she behaves really badly again. Please pray for her and us and advise me.
Thank you

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Wa alaikum Salaam!

I empathize with the struggles you express concerning your children. May Allah help and inspire you to creative and helpful inspirations and resources to balance your self and family life. May He reward you for efforts as a mother!

Remember: Allah is with the patient (2:153)

Try to take time to develop your patience through prayer/meditation, zikr and behavior modification to feel Allah’s support in your life. Perhaps look for the roots of the behavior, in self, around your children, and in the society in order to apply the proper discipline and care. Recognize that she is only 4 (Allah bless her). Regular sadaqa is also helpful. With all this remember the Shafa’a (Intercession) of the Prophet (saws) is for us in Dunya and Akhira and Allah’s mercy will not let us down.

Even a number of the prophets (as) suffered from their children’s behavior (Noah, Jacob, etc.) in Allah’s (swt) wisdom. Though challenging, this could be an opportunity to grow as you implement the advice that Allah and His Prophet (saws) gave us and grow.

Wallahu Alam

Kamau Ayubbi

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