Prayer Request: Family falling apart



Please could dua be made for my family and extended family. We’ve been pulled away from each other and suffering with mental/physical health, loneliness, lack of support, success and weakened iman/deen.

Also although I shouldn’t I have lots of inner anger directed toward my father; he’s extremely mistrusting, suspicious, insulting and awkward with my mum, maternal grandmother and I; most of that side of the family though they are his family too (parents are cousins). He’s pushed cousins away through horrible comments about them, their parents. My Mum accepts and does plenty for my dad’s family but as soon as any of her family need anything he goes off on one, blaming my grandmother¬† for everything. He always argues about money, other people’s business and chooses culture over Islam. He’s very close to pushing his own family away.

Please, any advice would be appreciated.


Insha Allah, Mawlana Shaykh Hisham will pray for you.

Recite Hasbunallah wa Ni’mal Wakeel 100x daily.
Top it up with Ya Muqalliba l-Quluub, Thabbit Quluubana ‘ala Deenika wa Taa’tik 10x.

Abdul Shakur

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